Kanye West "Graduation" FULL ALBUM!!

Ima keep this shit short coz i need to listen to this, so ima get to the point...

I Officially Have Graduation!!

Yes, I have the the WHOLE album,

Yes, It has all the Curses, and

Yes, You can have it too...

"Kanye West - Graduation"

Tomorrow i will also have 50 cents "Curtis" so check back...

The Standard...

Q-Tip, of A Tribe Called Quest, if you aint know... Has just revealed he will be starting a group with COMMON. According to 'Tip, Common had suggested the idea of them recording an album together, and That suggestion is now reality. The group will be called "The Standard" and though they haven't recorded any material yet, They will be traveling on the 2k8 tour together and Begin their sessions on the road. As far as production goes you can expect Q-tip to handle most of it. “I’m probably gonna do a lot of it,” ‘Tip says. “And we’ll get Kanye on a couple things, but you know, that cat is busy.” I hope Yall are ready for the return of the Boom-Bap...


Bigger Than The World Trade Center...

nIt Looks like Sept. 11th just got a little bit more crowded... Not only are Fif & 'Ye shootin' the heddy, But SAIGON just announced he will be dropping "The Moral Of the Story" on the 11th too!
This will be a Pre-Album to get fans warmed up for the Long awaited, and VERY anticipated "The Greatest Story Never Told" The album will have bangers from Just Blaze, Alchemist, & Scram Jones. COP THIS ALBUM!

The Lost Tapes Pt.1...

Queensbridge Edition

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Nas Demo's

Got a real jazzy, old school vibe to it... Nod ya head 2 this
"Represent (demo)"

There is a pt.1 demo, but ive neva herd pt.2... Hmmm
"It Ain't Hard To Tell (demo pt.3)"

Mobb Deep Demo

I like this one better, prally coz iv'e heard "The Infamous" way too many times
"Temperatures Rising (demo)"

Six Feet Under, Like 3 Niggaz In The Flintstone Car...

I Got My Hands On Three Leaked Tracks Off Lupe's New Album "The Cool" Due out Nov, 20th

First up is "Bottom, Top" Produced by Kanye West
"Bottom, Top"

Second is "Cold Blooded" Produced by the legendary Pete Rock
"Cold Blooded"

Third we have "Proper" I'm not sure who produced it but it's FIRE

Here's Another Hit, Barry Bonds...

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Last night 'Ye invited mad people to come and listen to his album, and hear him talk. From what songs I've heard, and what people are saying, it looks like kanye might just have another classic in his hands. So do us all a favor and go BUY it from BestBuy for $9.99, and Download Fifty's album.

Here's a few tracks you either heard already or didnt... Either way, Listen up


"Barry Bonds"

"Good Life"


1995 Flavaz... Remember this?

Some Raw 1995 flava for ya ears, dont front like u wasn't bumpin' this out ya hooptie or ya boombox... Ill-al had the summer on smash...

Another Joint... This one's from the New Jersey Drive Soundtrack... If u aint seen that yet.. Kill Ya' Self.. or just watch it...