May God Help You, Or You Gon' Get Ta' Know That Man...

As far a "Rap" goes nowadays there aint really that much out there, it's just the same recycled bullshit, and no creativity. Rappers dont even have FLOW no more! What the fuck happened to the game?!? Back in the day you'd fuck around and get laughed at tryna spit wit' no flow, or come bitin' the next man's shit... I dont consider 95% of what comes out today to be "Hip Hop" more like "Hip-Pop" But i guess times have changed for the worse, but thats where this dude come into play.

Skyzoo in my opinion is the second best of the "New" rappers out, #1 being Saigon, & Stimuli at 3rd. All i know is Sky can SPIT and he can FLOW... Two things missing from the game right now. His lyrics evolved between his album, and the mixtape so GET THE MIXTAPE FIRST, and if you feelin' him, download the album.

Anyways Heres his first album...
Cloud 9: the 3 day high (produced by 9th wonder)

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